At the core of IBD is a skilled and devoted team, tirelessly working under the guidance of its Vision Bearer and Founder, Nashon J. Adero.

Nashon J. Adero is a geospatial expert, lecturer, trained policy analyst, and experienced writer. He directs his volunteerism towards mentoring the youth on skills and career development. He believes that the future requires more of multi-, inter-, cross-, and trans-disciplinary collaboration as disciplinary boundaries become fuzzier with the rapid pace of technological innovation. A strong advocate for progressive youth mentorship and career development models, he eloquently expresses his convictions, declaring, “Traditional linear career paths are fading away as technology dissolves disciplinary boundaries and democratises access to knowledge. I’m a beneficiary of the multidisciplinary metamorphosis we need today to foster a systemic approach to knowledge creation, innovation, and creative problem solving across the non-linear landscape of disciplinary diversity.”

Khadija Mohamed

Dickson Wachira

E. Kiambaa

Job Ogweno