Founder’s Message

Welcome to Impact Borderless Digital ( IBD)

Nashon J. Adero – Founder & Systems Thinking Expert

I’m glad you have visited this site. Let me welcome you by first introducing my life’s philosophy: My authentic duty is the excellent, responsible, self-driven and selfless service of my refined gift to the world.

This philosophy underpins my youth mentorship model, which thrives on a foundation built on more than a decade of research on traditional and emerging issues around youth education and skills development as well as teaching and working with youth as their mentor or supervisor. Impact Borderless Digital brings you a brand and deliberate tagline focused on empowering youth to be impactful, borderless in their mindset as influential global citizens, and harnessing the new horizons of the digital transformation wave. This initiative is the trinity of the core values I hold dear: excellence, diligence, and intergenerational responsibility.

Engage with this platform regularly for empowering informational resources and updates on the insightful scientific discourse, ideas, and youth agenda shaping global trends.