IBD Youth Forum: Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders in the AI-Driven Digital World

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IBD Youth Forum: Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders in the AI-Driven Digital World


Empowering the Youth in an Age of Digital Transformation and Longevity

The IBD Series has previously highlighted the need to give increased attention to eldercare as life expectancy continues to rise globally. Africa is not spared the challenge despite being the youngest continent with a median age of barely 20, which is far below the global median of 31. The heated political debate in the US, which now features the oldest president in the country’s history, further reinforces this point. The US has a median age of about 38, younger compared to Europe’s 43. 

As the older generation remains influential, we must ask ourselves: what does this mean for the younger generation?

With the rapid reduction in the half-life of skills nowadays, it is crucial for the younger generations to cultivate adaptive resilience to thrive in a world where careers are shaped by artificial intelligence (AI) and digital transformation. The youth need a determined skills revolution in the digital age, as if their entire future depended on it, and to a considerable extent, it does! That is why our next monthly youth forum will tackle Empowering Future Leaders: Careers and Skills Revolution in the Digital Age of AI.

Biden’s age factor in the 2024 US presidential elections underscores the growing importance of eldercare in today’s rapidly changing world

By focusing on equipping the youth with the necessary skills and mindset to navigate an AI-driven world, we can ensure that they are prepared for the unique challenges and opportunities that await them as the emerging leaders today and the leaders tomorrow.

Down Memory Lane and Forward to the Digital Future

The 20th century excited the world with key inventions and technological advances. These amazing milestones include the wide adoption of the telephone, the invention of the radio, television, personal computer (PC), and mobile phone, as well as groundbreaking space exploration with the successful mission to the moon and the role of space technology in launching satellites that help with navigation, communication, weather monitoring, and Earth observation.

In what now qualifies as a massive revival of space exploration and the space economy, cosmonauts and astronauts have managed to stay in space for a year or more. In the late 20th century, Valeri Polyakov, a Russian cosmonaut, spent more than 437 days in space during his mission aboard the Mir space station from January 8, 1994, to March 22, 1995. Samantha Cristoforetti, an Italian European Space Agency astronaut and engineer, recently set the record for the longest uninterrupted spaceflight by a European astronaut of more than 199 days.

Why this Forum?

In this age, we continue to witness the incredible power of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) in Natural Language Processing (NLP) as miniaturised sensors accelerate data generation complete with huge prospects for an individual’s health status monitoring, and as space technology enhances Earth observation services while computer vision pushes the boundaries of image interpretation and medical research. These developments open wide the door to quality decisions with end-to-end transparency, profoundly transforming education and knowledge creation, engineering and product design, environmental monitoring, sales and marketing, and healthcare, among others.

The youth of today must be equipped multidimensionally, with skills and mindsets that set apart what they need to prepare, to prepare for, and to spare so as to be transformative leaders in the AI-driven Digital Age. New careers utilising AI await them, taking the form of human-machine matching programming, NLP, nanomaterials engineering and technology, additive manufacturing and 3D printing, geoengineering towards averting climate crisis,  synthetic biology, astrobiology, geomedicine, cognitive and computational neuroscience, and immersive technologies for extended reality and collaborative telepresence, among others.

As the founder of Impact Borderless Digital (IBD), I find these compelling and eye-opening developments incredibly inspirational, prompting me to look yonder and feel excited to announce our upcoming Youth Forum, which will focus on empowering the next generation of leaders in the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence and digital technology.

“Traditional linear career paths are fading away as technology dissolves disciplinary boundaries and democratises access to knowledge. I’m a beneficiary of the multidisciplinary metamorphosis we need today to foster a systemic approach to knowledge creation, innovation, and creative problem solving across the non-linear landscape of disciplinary diversity,” affirms the Founder of IBD.

IBD Founder peering into the not-so-distant horizon, excited to behold the amazing promises of the digital age of AI

The forum, entitled “Empowering Future Leaders: Careers and Skills Revolution in the Digital Age of AI,” will bring together young minds, industry experts, and educators to explore the future of work, the skills required for success, and the role of AI in shaping the Future of Work and the global technology landscape.

The digital revolution has significantly transformed the way we live, work, and communicate. With AI-driven innovations soon becoming pervasive, it is crucial that we equip our youth with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to navigate this ever-changing landscape. As the leaders of tomorrow, our youth will need to be agile, resilient, and capable of harnessing the immense potential of AI to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges.

The IBD Youth Forum aims to foster a collaborative environment where young minds can engage with experts, educators, and peers to gain insights into the current trends and emerging opportunities in the digital and AI-driven world. The forum will feature keynotes and interactive discussions covering topics such as:

  1. The Future of Work: How AI is transforming the job market and creating new opportunities across various industries.

  2. Essential Skills for the Digital Age: Identifying the critical skills required for success in an AI-driven world, including technical expertise, critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability.
  3. AI Ethics and Responsible Leadership: Understanding the ethical considerations surrounding AI, and the importance of responsible leadership in shaping a sustainable, inclusive, and equitable digital future.
  4. Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Encouraging young people to embrace entrepreneurship and innovation to create value and drive positive change in the AI-powered digital era.

By attending the IBD Youth Forum, participants will gain invaluable insights into the evolving world of AI and digital technology, as well as the confidence and inspiration to become proactive, responsible leaders in their chosen fields. We believe that empowering our youth is key to unlocking the full potential of AI and driving a brighter, more equitable future for all.

Join us in this groundbreaking event as we shape the leaders of tomorrow, today. Stay tuned for registration details, speaker announcements, and event updates. Together, let’s revolutionise careers and skills in the digital age of AI.


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