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Welcome to The Nashon J. Adero Daily, where we explore the power of spatial thinking, systems thinking, and scientific inquiry (I call these The Great 3S).  The Great 3S is driving transformative breakthroughs for the digital society of the 21st century. As our world continues to evolve with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and breakthroughs such as generative artificial intelligence, it’s crucial that we develop transferable or adaptive skills in these areas to remain competitive and relevant in the modern global technology marketplace.

Spatial injustice is a term that I coined to describe the insidious nature of skewed statistics that aren’t spatially mapped. Allow me to illustrate this with an example from a study I conducted in a municipality that showed 30% of residents had access to piped water. While this may seem like an impressive outcome for that part of the world, it becomes a sobering realisation when you see that almost all of that 30% resided in just one part of the municipality.

This revelation should shock and appall us all. It is a stark reminder that we cannot afford to ignore the power of spatial justice in creating a more equitable and just world. The subsequent stakeholder validation exercise that followed my study confirmed what I already knew: maps are a powerful unifying medium for visual, transparent, and all-inclusive dialogue and interrogation.

Regardless of our education, hierarchy, or exposure levels in society, spatial justice is a fundamental human right that we must fight to uphold. Join me in my mission to create a world where everyone has equal access to resources and opportunities. Let us harness the power of maps to drive meaningful change and break down the barriers that hold us back.

Through my volunteerism with Impact Borderless Digital and Enactus, I’ve appreciated firsthand how creative imagination and intelligent location-based visualisation can bring about unifying dialogue and interrogation, regardless of education, hierarchy, or exposure levels in society. The youth development agenda that I promote, based on the core values of diligenceexcellence, and international responsibility, is a testament to the importance of cultivating these skills in the next generation.

At The Nashon J. Adero Daily, we offer a one-stop-shop for daily news updates on how “The Great 3S” are shaping scholarship and innovation globally. Join us as we invigorate the discourse around global megatrends, such as Education 4.0, Globalisation 4.0, and Mining 4.0. Let’s explore the power of spatial justice and unleash our full potential to create a better, more equitable world.

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