Enactus TTTU Sonnet – A Poem in Time                                                                                                                                                  

IBD Founder is also the Patron of Enactus Taita Taveta University Club

Enactus Taita Taveta University Club planned the second annual Open Day on March 10, 2023. Here is a sonnet dedicated to the event, a fourteen-line poem with rhymes in the Shakespearean style.


Oh Enactus Club of TTU, how you shine,

With passion for social entrepreneurship,

Your impact on the world is truly divine,

Through projects that uplift, with your leadership.

With Open Day 2023, you showcase,

The ingenuity of your young minds,

And how you use your skills to change the face,

Of communities left behind.

Your efforts to empower and inspire,

Are truly commendable and so rare,

You use business to make the world aspire,

To become a place where we all can share.

So here’s to Enactus Club of TTU,

May you continue to lead and renew.

Students who are members of Enactus enjoy every bit of it as they get mentored with future-ready skills for social entrepreneurship and social innovation.


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