Home of Ideas, Haven of Wonders: A poetic tribute to Taita Taveta University

Note the literary style of consonance – both assonance and alliteration. Creativity is not a reserve for any disciplinary orientation, after all; it is a common heritage, a commonwealth of complementarities bringing together people from all disciplines to reimagine and reinvent possibilities. Have a motivational Monday!

Imelda Nasubo, a young mining engineering graduate from Taita Taveta University and one of the IBD mentees, recited this poem during the University’s graduation ceremony held on 23rd September 2022.


Days come, days go

Semesters come, semesters go

Home of ideas, the knowledge anchor of Taita Taveta remains true and holds


Facing imposing and boasting hills, Sagalla and more, TTU is a must-go

An Eden of all-round growth, TTU sits pretty in the wildlife haven of Tsavo

Mining engineers, scientists, natural resource managers – all of them, TTU moulds


Just awhile, all those dry patches you spot will be gone

TTU’s verdure, all green vegetation, a sweet exchange once all dryness is gone

Just a little endurance, visitors and new students, showers come, and our joy explodes


Forever progressive, TTU has produced distinguished leaders, and continues to grow

Strong and steady, this 8th African-German Centre of Excellence continues to soar

Defying challenges, the home of ideas fears no dark clouds 


Clouds of doubt will be gone, exposing a vision bright and clear

Reassuring azure of the sky beyond, soon the offensive charm will be crystal clear

Like the sparkling Tsavorites, ruby and sapphire around us, the TTU promise forever is crystal clear


Composer: N. J. Adero


This is the product of more than a decade of dedicated experience in research, skills development, training, and mentorship. Through mentorship and career development fora, IBD empowers youth with the knowledge, international exposure, and digital fluency they need to be emancipated global citizens with borderless influence for sustainable development.