A Talk to Students of Miasenyi Secondary School

The Big Four for Victorious Youth and Global Citizens in the 21st Century

The planned talk to the students of Miasenyi Secondary School was successfully held on 5th October 2022. The talk was organised by the Chairman of the School Board, Shadrack Mwakio Mwagandi, a lecturer and Taita Taveta University. The chief guest speaker was Nashon Adero, also a lecturer at Taita Taveta University, a youth mentor, and the Founder of Impact Borderless Digital (IBD). He entitled his talk The Big Four for Victorious Youth and Global Citizens in the 21st Century.

The well-attended occasion also doubled as the Prayer Day for KCSE candidates. The students were active participants and learnt about the youth challenge facing Africa as a young continent (median age of 19, 40% aged below 15), and why they should be at the forefront of change agency. The key take-away message was the Big Four of:

4Ds – Determination, Diligence, Discipline, Dignity

4Es – Education, Exposure, Excellence/Experience, Emotional Intelligence/Empathy

4Ps – Passion, Purpose, Plan, Principles

Four degrees of looking for transformative outcomes: Four Transformative Degrees of Looking – IBD (impactborderlessdigital.com).

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This is the product of more than a decade of dedicated experience in research, skills development, training, and mentorship. Through mentorship and career development fora, IBD empowers youth with the knowledge, international exposure, and digital fluency they need to be emancipated global citizens with borderless influence for sustainable development.