Story Maps: Essential Skill for the GIS Day

Story Maps: Essential Skill for the GIS Day

As we celebrate the GIS Day on 17th November 2021, IBD encourages all youth to acquire basic GIS skills. Story maps are a great way to start transforming the art of storytelling with location-based precision and achieving a compelling shared meaning.

At Taita Taveta University, this will be the 7th GIS Day celebration since the IBD Founder started raising GIS awareness at the institution in 2015.

Leading by Example

The following link is a story map created using ArcGIS to consolidate the experience of the IBD Founder from 2010 to 2021, participating in alumni seminars and summer schools. Read on and learn more about the potency of GIS story maps.

Spatial Storytelling on Alumni Seminars and Summer Schools (


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