Navigating the Horizon to Harness the Prize of Imbalances

Horizons communicate illusions with limitless layers of possibilities resident in our raw imagination

Coronavirus and Changes that Change the Story

What a start to the weekend in Kenya! This time, the horizon observed from the Voi train station towards Taita Hills is decorated with reflective messages on the undulations in nature we just take for granted. The announcement of the first case of coronavirus has just changed the story completely, introducing a weekend of caution instead of the usual weekend of carousal Kenyans have been used to like an inalienable birthright. Locust invasion and the so-called “unstoppable” political rallies have all of a sudden lost the supremacy of attention they have monopolised for many days now. Conferences have been cancelled last minute, to Tsavo region the much-awaited GIS Awareness Week being foremost. To a thought leader, what’s the key lesson from nature and the current horizon of possibilities?

Imbalance as a Change Agent

The horizon communicates the inequalities that constitute life in its true nature. Rivers need inequality in altitude to flow. Winds blow because of inequalities in pressure, relatable to temperature differences. Don’t even go far! Without the imbalance of forces, no object can accelerate on the planet; a balance of forces leads to a constancy, something you see in the terminal velocity of raindrops. Your fingers are unequal in size. While living, therefore, it’s wiser to understand life as a motion thriving on inequalities and death as an equalizing final rest for all living things.

Isn’t nature teaching you that inequality should serve the purpose of complementarities as opposed to competition rife with envy and strife? Aren’t you favoured in one area to complement others as you also get complemented for completeness? Deviation from the noble practice of love in giving must be the fuel of the social vices and turmoil arising from the inequalities which, otherwise, naturally occur for a noble and progressive purpose.

Is your wind the better breeze of good tidings, a mover of the ship of rescue, or a bitter cause of havoc and divisions? This weekend, you can reflect and set off on a transformative journey of self-discovery — embracing the inequalities you witness in life as a vehicle of change which you can direct to the betterment of the lives of others beyond yourself.

Horizon and Illusions

The horizon represents the limitless layers of possibilities resident in your raw imagination. To enjoy everyday life, spend time daily on a continuous exploration of novelty, allowing the wonder of nature to fathom your fears and feed your fascination with possibilities. For a moment, look away from the apparent crisis of the present and look towards the horizon. What do you see? Possibilities of your imagination! Remember that sunrise is an illusion; you see it too early above the horizon because of refraction. For the same reason of refraction, sunset is also an illusion that still stays around in your vision above the horizon after the sun has actually gone down. How is your government prepared to face the sunrise and sunset moments of the pandemics like coronavirus and national disasters like locust invasion?

Reflections on Global Crises

As you reflect on past global crises such as influenza in the early 1900s and the present coronavirus taking the unrivalled lead in Kenya and the rest of the world this weekend, give reason a chance to challenge your thinking and attitude to be a responsible leader. Donate help from the stock where you are more endowed than your neighbour to trigger the sustainable joy of living together in mutual dependence. Don’t acquire things greedily without thinking of your less privileged neighbour.

Let our prayers direct us to appropriate inequalities in life to meet their original novelty of nobility in securing win-win outcomes in nature. Let’s not misappropriate life’s inequalities by looking down upon others. It is death, not life, which revels in equalizing all living agents to one common lifeless state.

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Nashon J. Adero

Nashon, a geospatial expert, lecturer and trained policy analyst applies dynamic models to complex adaptive systems. He is a youth mentor on career development and the founder of Impact Borderless Digital.