Graze on Native Grace to be Great: Match Source with Resource

Grazing natively in the Tsavo are elephants who know how to navigate the landscape in all seasons, for that is their grace and greatness of place.

Being Native

He spoke fittingly when he quipped that fish don’t go to swimming schools but they swim in schools (both literally and as a collective term). Birds and flight? Same case. That was Myles Munroe grazing on his native grace of sharing knowledge on cultivating gifts for effective living. As I write this piece, I’m on a Mombasa-bound train admiring the effortless majesty with which elephants roam the great Tsavo landscape, not apprehensive of anything. These masters of matchless long-term memory are just one in many of nature’s masterpieces of unique mission-oriented gifts.

Nature portrays a structured simplicity achieved through aeons of adaptive learning and perfecting of solutions. Soap bubbles are spherical, for that is the most economical shape under prevailing forces. Bees have found their optimal building design in a hexagon, the most economical shape consuming the least wax.

Being Nature’s Student

Have you been told that the world owes you nothing? A wrong way of communicating scientific facts! I’d emphasise that the world as a system owes you something and you owe the world something too, hence it’s about mutuality. It’s about interdependence, a reciprocal relationship whose net result is apparent to the masses as “independence”. With privilege always comes responsibility. American top astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson concludes, rightly, that we are one with the rest of nature, neither lying above nor below. This is a triumph of systems thinking in practice.

Being aware of Frenemies

Are you complaining about interference? Well, learn how sound waves can be harmonised for confluence in sweet resonance. Learn the art of harnessing and enjoying constructive interference as opposed to destructive interference.

Understand that resistance which is friction is both a friend and an enemy to our movement, hence a frenemy. Better still, go further to identify and develop your gift.

Being Mature and Responsible to Others

Your gift is nature’s encrypted budget entrusted to you as the one owning the key to unlock and appropriate it for the selfless service of others. If you cultivate your gift well with diligence, you will get returns from it later in arrears, only many times over — a perfect seed and fruit analogy.

Being Matched for Matchless Performance

Avoid the common blunder of mismatching the source with the resource. Just because bees and ants are both skilled and industrious doesn’t guarantee delivery if you switch their goals. Let the goal of bees remain the original one of building the honeycomb and of ants, building the anthill. The wisdom is to match the source with the resource.

Isn’t this a wake-up call for leaders to review and reconsider the many positions they have allocated ants where bees are the right match and vice versa? Motivation needs to match the right channel to discharge the right products into the right arena of productivity.

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Nashon J. Adero

Nashon, a geospatial expert, lecturer and trained policy analyst applies dynamic models to complex adaptive systems. He is a youth mentor on career development and the founder of Impact Borderless Digital.