Who we are

IMPACT BORDERLESS DIGITAL (IBD) is the product of more than a decade of dedicated experience in research, skills development, training, and youth mentorship.

Through mentorship and career development fora, IBD empowers youths with the knowledge, international exposure, and digital fluency they need to be emancipated global citizens with borderless influence for sustainable development. Research and consultancy in all the areas of expertise resident in the IBD team and associates is a key platform for youth mentorship and long-term sustainability of IBD’s professional and benevolent services. The core areas include, but are not limited to, geospatial and system dynamics modelling, mining surveys and natural resource management, sustainability, policy research & analysis, and various training services in CV writing, interviews, scholarship application, writing winning project proposals, workload sharing and optimisation models, and estimating project costs/budgets, among others.

IBD is the brainchild and brand of the founder, Nashon Adero, a passionate and keen advocate of quality education, internationalisation, and borderless networking to maximise on the renewable benefits of knowledge- and technology-led influence.

Impact Borderless Digital  Programmes

Impact without Imposition
Youth Skills & Career Development

IBD Founder decries what he terms “drops of skills in an ocean of academic qualifications”. IBD conducts regular youth career development activities, talent talks, international scholarship forums, mentorship engagements, and research consultancies modelled to empower the youth for career security through targeted exposure and skills development.

Mentorship & Networking

Mentorship and networking are potent and irreplaceable twins. Whether you are a young student, a young graduate just starting out, or an experienced professional projecting to advance your career to the next level in the connected world of work, our mentorship programme offers you the support and guidance you need to succeed.

Talent Academy

Talents are unique. The limitless gene pool assigns everyone a talent to develop so as to meet unique life goals uniquely. “Talentism” has become the new capitalism, as the Founder of the World Economic Forum put it. This new thinking is a signature brand of the Talent Academy as a space for identifying talents early for targeted development.